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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 5:24 AM
    Hey all, so it's been awhile since i've talking about a Bleach Chapter, or even uploaded anything for that matter, but I feel like most recent chapter is actually worth talking about. 
So Mayuri has revived the corpses of a few of the fallen Arrancar and will be using them to battle Giselle's army of fodder... I mean, Shinigami.. 
And what was that bit about Mayuri not wanting to take down members of the Gotei 13? Are you serious?! This is Mayuri we're talking about!

Not only is it odd that Mayuri has suddenly been given a heart via Kubo's lack of writing ability/lack of interest in the story anymore but for him to use those Arrancar against the fodder army is just plain stupid and unnecessary. Any one of those 4 could handle Giselle's forces on their own... that is unless Giselle has zombified other members of the Gotei 13 like Rose and Kensei, which I would be f*cking furious about and would completely stop reading Bleach (I'm not as fond of it as I used to be, but I still read the chapters every week in the hopes that things will get better... but no luck so far, I mean what's with that boring-ass Vollstandig for Bazz-B? Geesh!)

I will be equally furious is Mayuri reveals more Zombified Arrancar like Starrk or Nnoitra, but a Zombified Szayel would be pretty cool haha, I could imagine them arguing in the middle of a battle. 

I KNEW KNEW KNEW thats who those bodies belonged to in Szayel's lab, it was easy to see, so for all you people who thought it was something else you should be ashamed of yourself, ASHAMED! 
(On that note, it doesn't make sense for Luppi to be there, his upper half was blown to bits?)

So yeah, that's that. 
And just for the record, since I haven't been posting journals for each chapter: What the heck is up with Kubo? It seems like he is starting to make his characters WEAKER, mainly Zaraki Kenpachi and Ichigo, they seemed a lot more powerful before. Kenpachi was supposed to have this BIG kick ass return but where is he right now? Half dead, burnt to a crisp! Hasn't even taken his eyepatch off yet, I guess Kubo forgot bout that too. 

For those interested i'm planning on making a come back, in the near future. 



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