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Aizen (Pre-Hogyoku) vs. Mask and Gerard Valkyrie 

34 deviants said Aizen
5 deviants said Mask and Gerard



Another chapter, another Disappointment.. was it really necessarily to kill off Askin so quickly? Who is rushing Kubo to finish Bleach?
Exorcist by Arrancarfighter
Another Villain OC, "Exorcist" was once a Paladin of the Ragnarok Organization (Paladin is the highest Warrior-Class rank) but even then his mind was troubled which made him vulnerable, so vulnerable in fact that he was corrupted by a powerful demon who appeared to him in the form of an "Angel" claiming to be one and fooling him into believing his fellow soldiers were demons themselves. 

With Exorcist as his pawn he ordered him to hunt down and "Purge" his brothers in order to save their souls. Each time he did he was driven deeper and deeper into insanity to the point that he started carving X's into his body for each of his brothers whose lives he took. Overcome with guilt and unable to get the images of his fallen friends out of his head he attempted to stop the visions by carving out his own eyes in the shape of an X.
He successfully blinded himself, but the visions would not stop. Instead all of his other senses were increased to extraordinary levels and the demon continued using him to slaughter members of the organization. 

Eventually he was captured and locked away in a cell deep beneath the Ragnarok Organization's headquarters along with various other dangerous criminals. 

Later during the story he manages to escape during an attack on the HQ along with an equally dangerous former Paladin known as Kid Genesis. 
Initially he tries to kill Kid but is stopped by the Demon, sensing that Kid also desires revenge against Ragnarok he instructs Exorcist to form a temporary alliance with him so that the two of them may "Purge" even more members of the Organization. 


Being a former Paladin Exorcist is a highly trained warrior. Being a Nephilim he had already possessed strength, senses and abilities much greater then a normal human but after taking his own vision his other senses were improved to even greater levels. 
As he mostly relies on his sense of hearing he usually prefers to hunt his prey quietly from the shadows like an assassin. 

Despite being technically insane he is often quiet and is not much for small talk. 

His main weapons are a pair of large Chakram-like weapons with X designs with blades that can cut through nearly anything when thrown at high speed.

More info soon
MadSnake WIP by Arrancarfighter
MadSnake WIP
A WIP of one of my new OCs, MadSnake was originally a human and member of a cult who worshiped the Egyptian Deity Apep, of it's members he was chosen to act as the vessel for the dark gods power and would eventually become Apep incarnate, his body acting as a vessel and doorway to the higher realm.
He is known as MadSnake due to the thousands of Snake-like entities which make their home beneath his skin, each with their own consciousness which have since overwhelmed his mind as they prepare his body for the arrival of Apep.  
These nearly countless entities make MadSnake almost impossible to truly kill, as they multiply when damaged in order to heal the wound, even if he is decapitated as long as a single Snake-Entity remains he will keep getting back up and continue to fight. 

MadSnake has a variety of abilities granted by infusing himself with Apep's minions, such has the power to transform his arms into snakes or sprouting snake-like appendages from his back which can extend to extraordinary lengths. 

When Apep finally enters the human world and takes over his body the thousands of snakes burst forth from MS's body and fuse together into a gigantic black snake, Apep's true form. 

I'd like to think that MadSnake's appearance pays homage to one of my all time favorite Naruto characters, Orochimaru (Albeit a beefed up version).

More info soon. 
Aizen (Pre-Hogyoku) vs. Mask and Gerard Valkyrie
34 deviants said Aizen
5 deviants said Mask and Gerard
Paladin WIP by Arrancarfighter
Paladin WIP
Paladins are the highest ranking members of The Ragnarok Organization, a society of Demon hunters who have been fighting against the forces of darkness for thousands of years. 

There are three main warrior classes within the Ragnarok Organization: Squire (Rookie), Knight (Advanced) and Paladin (Supreme) Paladins are very few in number as it takes a considerable amount of time and experience to obtain such a rank.
Most existing Paladins are Nephilim (Humans infused with the essence of "Angels") which are far superior to normal human members and are capable of taking flight with Angel-like wings. 

The Ragnarok Organization is currently run by two individuals: The Captain, who takes a more active role in the military-side of the Organization and The Cardinal, who is rarely seen but seeks to restore the organizations ties with The Angels who once shared their powers with the original members. 

More info soon, any questions just ask or look to my gallery for more info. 

Bleach 601

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 3:00 PM
They finally uploaded it, dang I hate waiting. 

Anyways, this weeks chapter was typical Kuboian work. Somewhat interesting characters are instantly cut down, most of which were still complete mysteries. 

I knew Askin wouldn't be taken down so easily, and i'm glad to see he possesses such a powerful (yet overused) ability.. buuuut I like Askin a lot so i'm happy about it. 

What else is there to say? Askin could last the new few chapter but Kubo will probably kill him off without a satisfying fight.. because in the world of Bleach no matter how immortal a character might be Kubo always has the last word. 

Maybe Askin is actually Aizen, considering they are both the only known (so far) immortal characters in Bleach ha... 



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