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Do you think Mayuri modified the Arrancar-Zombie's Resurreccion forms? 

55 deviants said Perhaps, he might have made them more efficient and powerful.
11 deviants said They are probably the same.
6 deviants said They probably can't use Resurreccion anymore.


Bleach Zombie Theory

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 4:40 AM
Quick post: 

Just read an interesting theory, basically the person hypothesized that when Giselle ends up getting defeated his Zombification abilities would get transferred back to Yhwach, and since all of the Sternritter share his blood already it would revive all of the fallen members as zombies. (Such as Cang, BG9, the ones Kenpachi defeated during the first attack).

Now I do believe that at the very least a PORTION of their soul returns to Yhwach, evident by his remark when Mask was defeated (Even that was hardly solid proof, more of a feeling really) but regardless if this were true that would be a brilliant move on Kubo's part!

Honestly, i've been wondering who the Arrancar, Fullbringer and other Shinigami (Like Ukitake) will be battling considering most of the Sternritter are already dead, and I KNOW how many of you felt about Kubo killing off characters like Cang and BG9 before we got a chance to see their real strength... this would be the perfect opportunity, no? 




Sep 21, 2014
10:53 am
Sep 21, 2014
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Sep 21, 2014
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Hi there. I'm writing my very first BLEACH Fanfic and in my Fanfic all of the Espada have Segunda Etapa forms. Which drawings of your Segunda Etapa versions for the Espada would you recommend for me. Mainly just so I can describe their Segunda Etapa appearances when they decide to transform into those forms while I'm writing my story. I originally saw a picture of Yammy Llargo in some sort of Dragon like Segunda Etapa appearance. Not sure if it was done by you. But I do love your design for Nelliel's Segunda Etapa form.
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