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Hogyoku Aizen vs. The Zero Division 

23 deviants said Zero Division (Could beat Aizen in ANY form)
11 deviants said Aizen Final Form
8 deviants said Aizen First Form (Phantom) would win
6 deviants said Aizen could beat them WITHOUT Hogyoku
5 deviants said Aizen Second Form (Angel/Moth) would win



What's the point of the Visored showing up? There aren't any opponents left for them to fight, if the Zero Division can't take down Yhwach's Elites then what are the Visored/other characters supposed to do??
Transformers OC WIP by Arrancarfighter
Transformers OC WIP
Finally got around to watching Age of Extinction, it was alriiight but kinda long. 
Inspired me to make a Decepticon OC named Dreadnought.

Dreadnought is one of the largest transformers (In the film universe) and transforms into a battleship which is where he got his name. Obviously he doesn't posses very much mobility on land while in his ship-form but it makes up for it in defense and heavy artillery. 

He is not very fast nor intelligent which is how the Autobots end up defeating him
Dracula Reincarnated WIP by Arrancarfighter
Dracula Reincarnated WIP
An edited version of: 
Theox Paladin WIP by Arrancarfighter

Hundreds of years ago the Paladin warrior Theox defeated one of the most infamous vampire lords of all time, Dracula. 
Legend tells that their heated battle went on for days, and when the vampire realized he would not be able to defeat his foe he attempted to infect him with vampirism. 
His efforts were in vain however as the Paladin possessed the unique ability to expel foreign contaminates from their bodies through sheer will, the vampiric venom being no exception.  
Theox then dispatched his foe, and rejoiced in his conquest. Little did he know that due to Dracula's vast power Theox was unable to expel every last bit of the venom, what remained within him was the vampire's tendency for heightened aggression and love for battle. 
This affliction cost Theox his position as commander of the Paladins, but he was allowed to remain in their group which was now under Seth's leadership. 

Much later in modern times Theox would finally meet his demise at the hands of the story's main character Cain who rips a hole through Theox's chest.

Little do they know that because Theox's Nephilim soul no longer protected his body the remnants of Dracula's essence were free to spread and revive the Paladin's corpse, successfully reviving Dracula with a brand new body. 

Dracula wastes no time and quickly heads to the Vampire Council to declare his intentions: The complete destruction of their ancient enemies The Paladin and their entire organization.

Cyrus (Another Vampire Lord and member of the Vampire Council) holds a particular grudge against Dracula as the two have been rivals for hundreds of years.
He is not surprised by Dracula's revival, rather he is surprised that it took so long for him to find a way to come back to life. Despite their differences he agrees that the time
to launch their assault against The Ragnarok Organization is now, seeing as how their military force has lost a lot of strength after their battle against Cain and his group. 

They also plan to steal the experimental serum that The Ragnarok Organization has been working on in an attempt to transform Cain's Blood/DNA into a weapon to use against him. 
Vampire Soldier WIP by Arrancarfighter
Vampire Soldier WIP
A WIP I was working on earlier today of what the typical Vampire Soldier looks like in my story, particularly when they storm the Ragnarok Organization's Headquarters.

Nothing too special about the body armor they use, they either stole or bought most of it from various military groups (Mainly the US Military) so it's just basic combat armor without any special properties. 

During their assault on the Ragnarok HQ their team is being lead by the vampire assassin codename: Riptide, who was a member of the Nazi party during WW2 prior to becoming a Vampire. Riptide was inspired by HUNK from the Resident Evil series which is one reason why I wanted to make their armor look similar to his. 

The vampire's assault against RO is arranged by the recently reincarnated Dracula and the vampire lord Cyrus. Knowing the Organization's military power is greatly reduced after several of their Paladin's were defeated during their battle with Cain and his group, the Vampires see it as the perfect opportunity to slaughter the RO who have been their enemies for thousands of years. 

Having located their headquarters via human spies the Vampires attack without warning, they posses a large number of soldiers whom they had accumulated in preparation for the upcoming battle. Although most of their forces are fledglings who lack battle experience they are able to cause a mass amount of casualties against their foes during the ambush. 
Once the organization realizes what it happening they quickly begin to regain the advantage with their superior Anti-Vampire weaponry.

After a few hours a majority of the Vampire army has been reduced to ash and Riptide and his group are "captured" and are being take to the lower levels for questioning, which is when they reveal their trump card: Riptides group are carrying doses of the "Super Vampire" serum created using Cain's DNA (Which one of the Vampire's spies had stolen from the Organization prior). 
They inject themselves with serum as the Ragnarok soldiers are ordered to open fire, unfortunately for them the serum revives Riptide's group as "Super Vampires" who proceed to tear the Ragnarok Soldiers apart and continue to cause chaos throughout the HQ. 

It is revealed the RO has a trump card of their own, as The Leader sends Seth into the battle, who has been genetically modified with the organization's own version of Serum which has transformed him into a fusion of Nephilim and Cain's power. 

Despite the Super Vampires now being nearly on par with an average Nephilim, Seth makes short work of them with his new powers. Riptide is the last to die, Seth rips out his spine. 
A Page from my Manga by Arrancarfighter
A Page from my Manga
Just a page from the Manga i'm working on, I'm very proud of it so far and I hope you all enjoy it.

Please make sure to tell me what you all think, I have a good feeling that all feedback will be positive although I don't like to brag.. 

I made it so that people can download it, please feel free but please I must insist that you don't steal this and tell people that it's your own, I spent a long time 
working on this. 

It might need A FEW edits.. 


Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 11:20 AM
Need suggestions on what NaNaNa Najahkoop's Letter "U" should stand for! 
Comment below with a reason behind the suggestion! 



Nov 22, 2014
10:43 pm
Nov 22, 2014
8:31 pm
Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Hi there. I'm writing my very first BLEACH Fanfic and in my Fanfic all of the Espada have Segunda Etapa forms. Which drawings of your Segunda Etapa versions for the Espada would you recommend for me. Mainly just so I can describe their Segunda Etapa appearances when they decide to transform into those forms while I'm writing my story. I originally saw a picture of Yammy Llargo in some sort of Dragon like Segunda Etapa appearance. Not sure if it was done by you. But I do love your design for Nelliel's Segunda Etapa form.
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