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Regarding Bleach/Shinigami Physical Makeup

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 4:00 PM
With the most recent chapter of Bleach i've decided to bring something up that i've been wondering for awhile now, and i'm sure there are others who have as well. 

How physically different are Shinigami compared to Humans in the Bleach Universe? 

I mean, originally they were SOULS, whether they were originally humans who died or were born in Soul Society via other Souls... either way they were basically already dead.. 

However lately it seems like Kubo has forgotten this.. and now is acting as though Shinigami are little more then super humans. 


Yamamoto's Bankai: He claims that his Bankai's heat is so-and-so degrees, hotter then the sun or w/e (I don't really remember?).. but should heat really effect Shinigami the same way it does humans?

Rukia's new powers: The whole "Bleh your powers don't effect me, because i'm fighting like i'm dead blah blah".. Shinigami are ALREADY dead, aren't they? So if being dead made someone unable to feel fear wouldn't all Shinigami be immune to As Nodt's power? 

And now with this weeks chapter, from what I got out of his Gremmy uses his power to imagine Zaraki Kenpachi into space. Zaraki screams out in pain as Gremmy claims that in space your bodily fluids will evaporate, your lungs will be destroyed and your skin will rot or something... 
Is this OUR Normal "Space" or "Super Duper Supernatural Space!"?, because would our Space really be able to effect a Shinigami, a SOUL like that? 



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Tommo2304 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey dude! It's done at last -… I hope you like it! :D
I'm not sure if you do request, but since my birthday coming up on the 20th, I would be very nice if you can do an awesome picture of Skullak Tuma please. Being one of the best Arrancars drawer I would really I to see how you would do the powerful Gladiator, who Privaron Espada 101, and the original Primera of the first generation of Espada. 
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Alucus Apr 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
haha it never stops amazing me just how much your fanbase has grown since i started watching you, i was the second person to start watching you, now look at you almost 3 times as many watchers as me XD Awesome job :3
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Semir10000 Apr 9, 2014  New member
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this are what i made so far what do you think.
Here's a little discussion I thought would be fun to start here. It's about which Stern Ritter should fight the Espada. My suggestions are as follows.

Haschwalth vs Starkk
Gremmy vs Baraggan
Bambietta vs Harribel
BG9 vs Ulquiorra
Cang Du vs Nnoitra
Bazz B vs Grimmjow
As Nodt vs Zommari
Askin Nakk Levar vs Szayel
NaNaNa Najahkoop vs Aaroniero
Mask De Masculine vs Yammy
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